How To Go On African Safaris On Budget

You may feel like the words “budget” and “safari” don’t really go together. Yes, they are expensive choice of enjoying your holiday but there are ways to experience this holiday in a budget if you do it like the locals do.

You can explore the national parks. If you consider South Africa, the country is in charge of 20 national parks and these are much cheaper than private ones. Accommodations can be arranged in national park ranges from campsites, huts to cottages and guest houses. The Kruger national park like many other parks have been created to gag everything done more convenient. You can also find Kruger national park accommodation as well, you will also be with support staff to ensure you safety and your comfort.

Internal flights can be expensive in destinations like Skukuza, Hazyview and Richard’s bay. Picking a safari near a main airport like Kenya safari tours served by low cost local airlines will bring a significant amount of the bill down. Car hired around Africa as very reasonable as well.

You will find strolling safaris each morning and vehicle as with tour guide driver during the afternoon. Vacationers will get the chance to see numerous animals like the cheetah, wild dog, porcupine, honey badger and so much more, you can likewise ask for a night napping under the stars in the lodge tree house with three mealtimes a day to an affordable price.

You know how weddings costs are cheaper off season? Likewise, you will find that off season safaris are relatively less expensive. In dry winter season, although it is considered as low peak, it is the most suitable game viewing season in the north of Africa. But of course, you need to understand that there are higher benefits in the nature during the peak season and that is why it is filled with tourists but with the game viewing in the north, you may actually find this off season safari not so bad after all.

It is easy and very affordable to stay outside the parks and self-drive or book a driver once you go inside. There are many hotels / rooms outside the parks that have been made for tourists as well.

Do note that, there are things you need to be safe from out in Africa, and there are disease risk areas as well. So keep in mind if you can’t be safe, just be careful. Hope you have a wonderful African experience.