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The Must-Visit Places In Australia!

Australia: a country well-known in the world for its high standards of living, and one of the most popular destinations that any person would like to visit. The country is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, and would rightly qualify as a separate continent due to its large size, but it is grouped with New Zealand and other Micronesian nations to form the continent of Oceania. Whilst a good portion of Australia is made up of arid deserts, that is not to say there are few places to visit in this huge country; if you are planning to visit in the near future, here are some of the must-visit locations:

Sydney – an obvious inclusion in any list about Australia, this is the largest city of the country, and it offers a vast array of activities to the point that a few weeks won’t certainly be enough to try out everything. From its beautiful beaches to the famous Opera House, there are plenty of places to visit in Sydney, so make sure to get a local guide to make your rounds to as many places as possible!

Adelaide and Barossa Valley – you might have probably heard of the famous Barossa Valley tours from Adelaide: the valley is a major producer of wine in the country, and the winery tours are amongst one of its most prominent activities for tourists. That said, Barossa Valley does not only offer its wine fields as a tourist activity: its many colourful festivals in autumn and summer, as well as delectable food also attract plenty of tourists throughout the year. Not to add, you can experience the usual summer activities such as hiking and sightseeing tours Adelaide at the nearby Barossa Range as well. The city of Adelaide also offers plenty of activities due to its close proximity to both the sea and the mountains, and you can enjoy the art and culture of the area together with good quality craft beer as well.

Margaret River – speaking of proper wine tours, another major wine producing locality in Australia that couples as a major tourist destination is Perth’s Margaret River, a prominent coastal town you can reach after a scenic drive from the major city. The local vineyards will definitely be a pleasure to visit, but that is not all this beautiful town has to offer: besides the beautiful beach, you can also visit the local chocolate factory to indulge in some chocolaty goodness.

Melbourne – and to conclude, make sure to stop by the capital of the country, Melbourne. Whilst Sydney is usually the most well-known city of the country, the capital has continuously ranked as the most-liveable city in the world (or ranked in the top posts in other years). There will be plenty of attractions and restaurants to meet your entertainment needs, but make sure to try out some of the local coffee to truly get Melbourne’s taste!